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Some states and cities require everyone who owns a gun to keep the gun unloaded with some kind of trigger lock and even then they must be stored in a secured gun safe. This is how many anti-liberals, including much of the media, insist that people with guns store their guns at home, so it was no surprise to see one media outlet highlight an alleged firearm expert in Minnesota, who says that everyone should keep their guns unloaded and locked up at home. The way they wrote the piece makes it sound like this is the recommendation of all firearm experts when that is obviously not the case.

(CBS Minnesota) – A firearms instructor with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is preaching safe gun storage after two parents of a student accused of threatening a classmate were arrested for not keeping their firearms secure.

In a matter of seconds, Dan Millenacker threads the cable of a gun lock through his pistol, finishing by turning the lock’s key to secure it.

“This (lock) device now renders that firearm inoperable,” he said.

And when the gun is not in use, locked up is exactly how Millenacker wants his guns to be.

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“There’s no excuse for not having a simple locking device on a firearm if you don’t have the opportunity to put it in a locked storage,” he said…

It would probably be very easy to find a number of firearms experts in Minnesota who believe that a homeowner should have the right to keep a gun unlocked and handy, as long as it is kept out of reach of small children.

I’ve often confronted people like Dan Millenacker and asked what is a homeowner supposed to do when faced with 1 or more home intruders? Is the homeowner supposed to ask the intruder to wait while the homeowner unlocks the gun safe, unlocks the trigger and then load the gun?





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