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Valentine’s Day is a day that will no longer have the romantic thoughts for students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. For those students, it’s the day their peace of mind was shattered by a deranged shooter who heard voices in his head.

It’s also the day that launched a national youth anti-gun movement and according to the mainstream media, those vocal Parkland students represent the vast majority of all of America’s youth in how they feel about guns and gun laws.

However, a recent survey taken of youth across the nation revealed that what the media has been telling America about how they feel about guns is NOT the truth.

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(Great American Politics) – Ever since the Valentine’s Day shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, the mainstream media has worked to make the American public believe that the vast majority of the younger generation are anti-gun. They want you to believe that most youth want more gun control and believe that more gun control is the solution to stopping mass and school shootings.

A number of the students from Parkland have shown that they are products of years of America’s socialist public education system as they abandoned all logic and truth to protect against guns and for more gun control.

Once the mainstream media found out about the vocal few, mainly David Hogg, they promoted them as if they were the greatest thing since the invention of fire, the wheel and sliced bread. The media portrayed them as extremely knowledgeable on the whole issue of gun control and the Second Amendment. What’s hypocritical about that is that some reports indicated that Hogg wasn’t even at school the day of the shooting yet he’s running around the country claiming to be a survivor of the school shooting. That’s like any resident of New Jersey claiming to be a survivor of the Hindenburg disaster even though they weren’t there, but just because they live in New Jersey…

How many examples have we seen over the past few years where the mainstream media has lied, distorted and twisted the truth, so they can push the socialist agenda of Democrats? Clearly, there are many of today’s youth who still value gun rights and believe that guns should be allowed to be kept at home.




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