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You know… if you’re going to ask about the mental health of ANYONE, much less the President of the United States, to another person at least make sure that person isn’t showing signs of being wacko themselves!

Who in their own right mind, too, would ask Nutty Nancy Pelosi a question about freaking mental health!

As Written By Jazz Shaw for Hot Air:

Clearly we have some folks in the media who think President Donald Trump is crazy. And I don’t mean “crazy” in the usual slang sense, like, ‘that man is putting forward some crazy policies‘ or, ‘he wants to build a what? Is he crazy?‘ I’m talking about professionally evaluated mental illness or disease. The Washington Examiner highlights one of the prime examples of this phenomena today, coming from the lips of the Morning Joe crew in general and Mika Brzezinski in particular. The MSNBC team was busy putting on their white lab coats getting to work yesterday, questioning the sanity of the POTUS.

MSNBC’s Mike Barnicle on Friday had one question for Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi: “Are you concerned about the president’s health?”

After a three-second blank stare that would have made Medusa swerve, Pelosi responded, “It’s about the facts and the law and there’s nothing else.”

Unsatisfied with what was a clear choice by Pelosi to avoid a mindless question, well-known journalist Mark Halperin asked, “Are you concerned about his health or not?”

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So that was Mike Barnicle. And I just wanted to pause here for a moment and point out something which should be truly remarkable. With a crowded set and a high profile guest, Nancy Pelosi turned out to be the restrained and rational voice in the conversation. Let that sink in for a minute………


Mika Brzezinski is now offering free mental health diagnoses on MSNBC – Hot Air Hot Air


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