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There has been speculation about the beginning of World War III since the end of the second big one, but, for some reason, this time feels a little bit different.

Perhaps it is simply the bizarre reality of the world that we live in today.  North Korea is practically begging to be back on the global scene, possibly due to an unknown nuclear disaster that occurred at their clandestine testing facility late last year.  Russia is antagonizing the United States in ways that we’ve never experienced in the Putin Era.  And, of course, Israel is in the eye of it all in the Middle East.

That last distinction is a doozy as well, especially after a number of pro-Israel moves by President Trump in recent months have stoked the fires of anti-semitism in the region.

Now, with Iran and Israel going at it in Syria, with Russia lurking in the wings, there is no denying that another global conflict could be on the horizon.  Even Mike Pompeo has been forced to chime in, only days after officially becoming the Secretary of State.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reportedly warned Tehran in the follow-up to President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, that if it harms Israel, the American military will respond.

The news was first reported by Israeli news site Walla on Thursday and picked up by the Times of Israel.

According to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned, “I repeat: Whoever hurts us – we will hurt them sevenfold, and whoever is preparing to hurt us – we will act to hit them first.”

Following a deadly exchange between Iran’s Quds Forces and Israel’s Defense Forces (IDF) in Syria on Wednesday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani reportedly said Iran does not want “new tensions” in the region.

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Should the U.S. interfere against Iran, in Syria, in defense of Israel and against Russian warnings…well, there is really no other way to put this:  We’re going to be getting busy making bullets and bombs.

Now, this does mean that Iran has a choice to make, and it is a very important one:  Do they continue to poke the proverbial eagle into action, with the backing of the Russian bear?  Let’s hope, for the sake of the planet, that they come to their senses.



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