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Ummmm……yeah. One thing you will never hear a Conservative say is that they want their son to be more girly.

However, that’s not the case when it comes to Leah McLaren at The Globe and Mail. She thought it would be a great idea to feminize her three year old son when he said that flowers were for girls.

She did not like that, and somehow related him not wanting to play with objects related to girls, with him rejecting kindness in the future. Initiate eye-roll.

Apparently her relatively high-profile writings have been victimizing our neighbors up north for years.

This month she had a fresh take on her own attempts to forcibly raise her child non-gendered. Apparently having a boy who so happens to like boy things is quite haram these days with libs, and the only way for McLaren to rectify the situation was to sign him up for ballet class.

From the article:

The other day I was sitting in the park with James, 3, when I picked a dandelion and handed it to him as a present. “No way, Mummy,” he said, pushing away my gift. “Flowers are pretty and I’m a boy.”

And I thought: That’s it. I’m signing him up for ballet.

If I want my son to love and respect women, I am going to have to teach him to embrace—and ideally appreciate —“girlish” things. That’s why I’m weaving him a dandelion crown and signing him up for ballet.

I’m going to turn the little alphabet belcher into a proud princess whether he likes it or not.

Yeah, I’m sure he is going to look back on the one day and thank her for teaching him how to be a typical, liberal male.

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