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Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of someone breaking in your door. Then realizing that someone is in the house and that you need to protect your son from any danger. What do you? Elsie Lee grabbed her .45 cal. handgun and shotgun and confronted the intruder sticking her gun in his face. A moment later, he and his 4 companions were on the run until she called police who quickly apprehended the 4 adults and one juvenile

A quiet Monday morning took a sudden, terrifying turn for a Madison County mother.

“I almost killed him. One of them could have been dead. Had he not ran, he would have been dead,” Elsie Lee said.

It is a Monday morning Lee will never forget.

“Protect my son,” Lee said. She said that was the only thing going through her mind when she woke up to someone in her home and others waiting outside…

The first guy that made it into Lee’s house is lucky to be alive. She could easily have shot and killed him, which is probably what I would have done had I found someone had broken into my home. I have a motto about burglars and the government – they may come for my gold but all they’ll get is my lead.



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