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Many people choose where to live depending upon family and job. Sometimes weather or climate plays a factor, but how many people choose what state to live in because of how they state treats gun rights? Actually, I know several people who moved from California for that very reason. One moved to Texas and 2 moved to Arizona, as both states purport to favor gun rights instead of gun control.

But what are the best states and worst states to live in based upon their concealed carry laws? A recent study was made and I was surprised at some states that rated poorer for gun rights than I first thought. Here is a brief look at that study.

(Great American Politics) – In my younger days, there was very little legal issue with traveling from state to state with a firearm, including a concealed firearm. However, over the past few decades, that has all changed as anti-gun Democrats have been doing their best to work towards a total gun ban here in the good ole US.

Case in point is what happened to a law-abiding citizen and former Marine who was traveling on business and thought he took the step to abide by state laws.

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Ryan Jerome served in the US Marine Corp and was well trained on firearms. In civilian life, Jerome has an Indiana concealed carry permit. Before traveling to New York City on business, he went on line to check out New York’s regulations which stated that they honored the concealed carry permits from other states.

Upon arriving in New York City with $15,000 worth of jewelry to sell, Jerome proceeded to the Empire State Building.  While passing through security, he offered to check his gun with security officers. He presented his Indiana permit for concealed carry and was subsequently arrested for violating New York’s gun laws…

If you are traveling from state to stare or are planning on moving to another state and value your Second Amendment right to bear arms and protect your family and yourself, then you should take a closer look at the post references above. It may change your mind on where to live or if you dare carry your concealed carry weapon while traveling.




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