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America is embroiled in an anti-gun hysteria that is driving many people to make rash decisions based upon ill-informed emotions rather than on how to address the real problem of gun violence and school shootings.

Lauren DeBellis Appell is a mother of two elementary school kids and she just joined the NRA for the first time because of the mass hysteria that is driving the call for more gun control. She sees the NRA as a source of logic and reason, which she does not see in the mainstream media or in many of our political leaders who believe that banning guns will somehow change the hearts of evil people.

(Fox News) – As a mom of kids in elementary school, I became a proud member of the NRA for the first time last week. I did so because the absence of common sense that I’ve witnessed recently is alarming to me as a parent.

We’ve seen deeply misguided hatred and rage directed toward people who want to protect themselves with a gun rather than targeted at the heart of the problem. It’s time for reason and sound judgement to prevail.

Though it seems like an easy solution, the deep divide we’re facing in this country is not nearly as simple as “banning guns” equals “problem solved.”  This battle we’re facing isn’t about guns, it’s about evil. Evil in the hearts of those who choose to act with a gun…

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The mom understands the problem isn’t guns nor is it the access to guns, but the fact that we live in a society that has been overrun with violence and evil. What she didn’t say is that a lot of that violence and evil is due to the liberal policies and agendas of Democrats who have been systematically destroying everything good about America. We need more moms like Lauren DeBellis Appell




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