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A week ago, Devin Kelley approached the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs Texas and began firing. He entered the church and continued firing, killing 26 people including an unborn child and injuring several others.

Neo-com Democrats instantly began pushing for more gun control laws and some churches began posting gun-free zone signs on their front doors. They fail to realize that those signs only increase their chances of becoming the target of the next crazed whacko.

However, Ronald Russell, Pastor of the Lighthouse Mexico Church of God in Oswego County, New York is asking his congregants to bring their guns to church so help provide a safer worship experience.

The pastor of a New York state church has declared that his church is ‘NOT a gun free zone.’

In the wake of November 5’s deadly church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, the Lighthouse Mexico Church of God in Oswego County, New York is inviting its congregants to bring their firearms to church services as a protective measure.

According to the church’s pastor, Ronald Russell, congregants have been allowed to openly carry their guns since the 2015 shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, when white supremacist Dylann Roof opened fire and killed nine black churchgoers at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church…

More churches need to do the same thing. At the end of this Sunday’s service at the church that I attend, our pastor did NOT say the church was a gun free zone. Instead he told everyone that we have multiple levels of security during every meeting at the church (Sunday mornings and Tuesday evenings). He intentionally did not specify what those security measures are or who all is involved in the security.



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