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Partisan hackery in American politics tends to polarize into absurdity when it comes to the subject of the Second Amendment.

There is just something about the right to bear arms that triggers the left in a way that nothing else can.  It’s as if guns were the all time most villainous scourge on the planet, ready to rise up and snatch the life right from our children without warning.  This explains all of the necessary reminders to the democratic population of this great nation that “guns” don’t kill people.

Now, as the Ruger firearm company faces a mounting financial battle, the ultraliberal New York Times is ready to pile on the pedantic insults – something that the paper has excelled at in recent years.

Technically, this may be the only thing that the paper has excelled at, given their own dire economic situation.

“The New York Times ran a column on February 9, 2018, suggesting Ruger Firearms would be pro-gun control if founder William B. Ruger Sr. was still alive.

“To bolster this claim they published a ‘proposal,’ circa 1989, and attributed it to Mr. Ruger via a link to a news story that said Ruger execs were, at that time, expressing a willingness to limit ammunition magazines to 15 rounds (versus 20 or 30).”

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This tiny bit of misinformation was then extrapolated on by the doomed leftist echo chamber.

“The NYT also failed note Ruger Jr. saying, ‘Of course we’re concerned any time one of our guns shows up on a crime report. But passing more gun laws is not going to stop such crime or criminals. As long as criminals are around, they’ll have guns.’

“The February 9 piece rests on two statements—one from Ruger Sr. and one from Ruger Jr.—both of which are attributed to Ruger Sr. and both of which are presented while ignoring the overwhelming body of anti-gun control statements made by Ruger Jr.”

Way to kick a man while they’re down…or far too deceased to defend themselves.



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