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An Indianapolis firefighter found himself in a showdown with his neighbor on Tuesday when the man pulled a gun on him. The 18-year IFD fighter then shot in self defense, critically injuring his neighbor.

Jeffrey S. Weigle, 59, was shot by his neighbor Dean Keller, 49. The two had a long, ongoing dispute, but this argument ended much worse than the other ones.

Weigle was was on his lawnmower when he pulled a gun on Keller and Keller then shot in self defense. Due to video evidence showing that it was indeed self defense, the Johnson County prosecutor will not be filing charges. Keller claimed self defense and Johnson County Prosecutor Brad Cooper agreed.

He said, “The decision to not file charges on Keller was a simple application of Indiana law and should not be looked upon as condoning the behavior of either party.”

Near a fence line, Weigle insults Keller and Keller’s wife, Lisa, the video shows.

Keller returns an insult as Weigle rides a lawn mower off camera, the video shows.

Weigle backs the mower up, reaches into his pocket and pulls out a handgun, Cooper said.

“Given the aggression shown by Weigle,” Cooper said, “it was reasonable for Keller to believe deadly force was necessary to prevent serious bodily injury to himself (and) his wife.”

The video shows bullets zipping through a bush as Weigle returns fire. Weigle stands and quickly walks out of view.

Keller, an 18-year Indianapolis Fire Department firefighter, was uninjured. Weigle was shot four times and suffered a “sucking chest wound,” according to a police report.

Cooper said Weigle rented a room in the home next door. The gun Weigle carried belongs to the homeowner, Nancy Phillips.

Cooper said Phillips did not give Weigle permission to use her gun. She told investigators that Weigle took the gun from under her pillow before he went out to mow.

“Whether Jeffrey Weigle shall be charged with a crime will be determined if and when he recovers,” Cooper said.

The neighbors have been in a long-running dispute. Keller and Weigle have clashed more than a dozen times since 2009, according to Johnson County Sheriff’s Office reports.

The men argued about a range of things, including the location of a fence, Keller’s dogs and Weigle’s motorcycle.

police report.

Here is the video footage:

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