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The National Rifle Association has been in the crosshairs of a liberal character assassination plot for a month as of today.

In the wake of a mental illness rampage that left seventeen dead at a Florida high school, America’s radical left began a systematic shelling of the NRA, conservatives, and Second Amendment supporters as a whole.  Their wrath was just as uncouth, brash, and offensive as you would have guessed.


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Meanwhile, the truth of the matter is that the NRA is working overtime in order to protect the youth of our nation.

“NRA Chief of Staff Josh Powell pointed out during the February airing of Grant Stinchfield on NRATV that the ‘political class’ and pro-athletes have armed protection; why not our children?

“Powell said:

“‘It’s time we get serious. We need to get very serious about how we’re going to protect our kids, the measures that need to be put in place. The awful irony of this is when you look at athletes, celebrities, the political class, all of these people have security, and many of them have armed security. So the question is, at what point are we going to get serious enough about protecting our children and give the protections that all these other groups get?'”

The NRA has consistently pushed for safer schools – a fact that the liberal media chooses to ignore at their own peril.

Now the organization is hoping to shed light on the true source of inactivity on the subject by calling out Congress in a very public way.

“NRA-ILA executive director Chris Cox is now reiterating the point with a March 13 tweet in which he observes that ‘gun owners and non-gun owners alike want to live in safe communities and send our kids to safe schools.’ But he warns that such safety will not be accomplished via gun control because ‘criminals willing to commit murder will never obey the law.’

 “Moreover, Cox claims that all the talk about gun control goes on while we fail to protect our kids the way we protect ‘our banks’ and ‘sports stadiums.’ He also pointed out that we fail to protect our kids the way we protect the ‘government buildings’ that house our political class.

“He warned, ‘Relying on a sticker in a window that says “no guns allowed” is not a security plan. It’s an invitation to tragedy.’”

You can see the tweet below:


The truth of the matter is that we need Congress to act, and act immediately, for the sake of our nation’s children.  These young minds are far more important to us as a nation than the professional athletes, paper money, or even our congressmen themselves.  They are the future of this great nation, and it’s time to invest in them in a manner that they deserve.

The NRA is right:  Congress must act.  But will they?


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