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Some years ago, there was a push to mandate prescription bottles have so-called child-proof lids to prevent kids from accidentally taking prescription drugs they think are candy. Consequently, a number of adults with arthritis or other hand issues found it difficult or impossible to open their prescription bottles. Many elderly people who are weak have difficulty opening their needed prescription bottles, but hey, it made kids safer, just not many adults. Now the same thing is happening with guns.

A group of Democrats in the state senate are backing a measure that would prohibit the sale of guns in New York State without child-proof features.

The bill, S.3444, would make it illegal to sell or transfer handguns one year after its passage unless the firearm was designed to where a five-year-old could not pull the trigger. Supporters think the move is needed to prevent accidental shootings.

“There is no reason that a young child five years old should be able to have access to a weapon that he or she could fire,” said the bill’s sponsor, Sen. José M. Serrano, at a press conference earlier this month.  “So we need to make sure that all weapons sold in the state of New York are not fireable by children this young.”…

Can you picture an elderly person or someone with severe arthritis trying to use their gun to defend themselves against intruders, but unable to pull the trigger because of child-proof triggers requiring more finger strength than they have? What about a person with a broken hand? Will they be left defenseless until their hands heals to the point of being able to exert enough strength to pull the trigger? How many innocent victims will die because they are unable to pull the trigger on such a gun?



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