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New York Governor Cuomo and the state legislature are extremely anti-gun and would ban all gun ownership if given the legal opportunity to do so. New York City Mayor de Blasio and the city council are also just as anti-gun as the state leaders, so it’s not surprising to learn that the New York Times, who has printed fake news to hurt President Trump, that they are just as anti-gun as those in charge.

The NYT recently ran an article on facts about gun violence and mental health, but those in the gun rights’ world have checked what was reported and say it’s more of a joke instead of representing the real facts, as they claim.

(The Truth About Guns) – Checking Facts and Falsehoods About Gun Violence and Mental Illness After Parkland Shooting. That’s the headline hovering above a New York Times article that is a parody, a mockery of factual analysis. A piece of anti-gun agitprop the descends into pseudo scientific claptrap faster than you can say “mass shooting” . . .

“Mental health is often a big problem underlying these tragedies.” — House Speaker Paul Ryan. That’s the first “fact” that “fact checkers” Linda Qiu and Justin Bank want to address. Hang on . . .

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How do you “debunk” a statement that says that mental health is “often” a problem underlying spree killings? Not always. Often.

We know for a fact that the Newtown, Aurora, Virginia Tech and Giffords spree killers were diagnosed as mentally ill. So there’s only one way that Speaker Ryan’s comment would be false: if mental health was “seldom” or “never” a problem underlying mass shootings…

What would anyone expect from the NY Times, who has abandoned the basic principles of journalism which says a true journalist is supposed to report the facts, not make them up or write their personal interpretation or misinterpretation of the facts, something the NYT has been guilty of on many occasions.




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