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The old adage that “the truth is stranger than fiction” seems to be more of a coastal epidemic than a rule of thumb, especially when we’re talking about California and New York City.

These polarizing locales, conveniently placed at a grandiose distance from one another on the far edges of our continental U.S., tend to be some of the most unnatural places in our modern American society.

It’s almost as if these progressive municipalities live on the outskirts of our nation to absorb the cultural recklessness of the liberal left before it can travel inward and corrupt the heartland of this fine country.

As such, we tend to see a great deal of bizarre and backward behavior permeating the cultures on the coast, especially when it comes to the Second Amendment, and particularly in the narrow-minded, left-centric collection of boroughs known as New York City.

That’s why it’s almost expected that a woman who shot an attacker in an undeniable act of self defense has been arrested.

The attacker was an ex-boyfriend who was attempting to enter our heroine’s home, even after she had called 9-1-1 for help.  Had he succeeded in entering the apartment without being maimed or incapacitated, this woman had an unequivocal fear of being harmed.

“When the ex-boyfriend kicked open her door, he found the 52-year-old woman standing at the threshold with a handgun, police sources said.

“She pulled the trigger and hit her ex once in the neck. Medics rushed him to Brookdale Hospital where he is listed in stable condition

“Cops found the woman’s .40 caliber handgun at the scene. She recently moved to the city from North Carolina. While the weapon was legal there, she did not have a New York permit yet, police said”

As it turns out, this ex-boyfriend had a laundry list of prior crimes, and was in no way acting as a model citizen when his former main squeeze squeezed one off in self defense.

Our female protagonist is currently incarcerated and awaiting charges in a New York City jail cell.

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