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It is customary for many presidents leaving office to issue some pardons and commute some prison sentences. With Barack Obama’s disregard for the law and law enforcement, it should be no surprise to learn that he has set a new record for the number of pardons and commuted sentences, allowing more criminals to again walk our streets and victimize the American people.

For a guy who says his biggest regret is not passing more gun control laws, President Barack Obama sure is pardoning a lot of criminals who’ve violated the gun laws already on the books. As the president took in the sun, sand and amazing golf available to him on his Hawaiian holiday vacation, he also took a moment to pardon or reduce the sentences of more than 200 federal inmates, many of them in federal prison for violating federal weapons laws.

This is nothing new for Obama, of course. Throughout the course of 2016, he has regularly pardoned individuals convicted of both drug and gun crimes. At the same time, Obama has repeatedly said that the biggest regret of his presidency was his failure to pass more federal gun laws. Was he hoping that if Congress passed more gun control laws, he’d be able to pardon even more people who had violated them? Does he really believe that people should go to prison for transferring a firearm without a background check or for possessing an AR-15, but drug traffickers who used a gun in the course of their criminal enterprises should receive a presidential “Get Out Of Jail Free” card?

This is a perfect example of the schizophrenic attitude towards gun laws and law enforcement in the upper echelons of Democratic leadership. They proclaim that sweeping new gun laws are desperately needed at the federal level, while insisting that the criminal justice system is inherently racist and biased against people of color. If you truly believe that injustices are being perpetrated against young black men in courts of law across the country, then why on earth would you want to put more laws on the books that you think are more likely to be used against young black men?

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