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There are going to be a lot of unhappy campers after this ruling. Unfortunately not everything is black and white. There are always going to be areas of gray. This is one of them.

Officer Jeronnimo Yanez from Minnesota was released from the police force after being acquitted in the shooting and death of Philando Castile.

Although acquitted, the city of St. Anthony issued a statement on Friday saying that the public “will be best served” if Yanez is no longer employed there.

The decision to dismiss Yanez came after he was found not guilty on all counts related to the incident.

He was also cleared of two lesser charges of endangering Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, and her daughter for firing his gun into the car near them.

The city plans to offer Yanez a “voluntary separation” so he can find another job, but will not return to active duty, according to the police force.

Yanez pulled over 32-year-old Castile for a broken taillight in July 2016. The officer shot Castile five times after Castile said he was carrying a gun.

The shooting drew widespread attention, mainly because Castile’s girlfriend livestreamed the aftermath on Facebook.

Yanez, who is Latino, “did what he had to do” when he shot Castile, a defense attorney argued during the trial. Yanez testified that he feared for his life after Castile refused to not pull out his gun, despite the officer’s commands.

Prosecutors argued that Yanez never saw the gun, and that he overreacted to a non-threat.

The trial included squad-car video of the traffic stop between the two, but footage did not show what happened in Castile’s car, leaving it up to the jury to believe Yanez’s testimony.

After three white alternates were dismissed after closing arguments, the 12-member jury included two black and ten white people.

Unfortanalty dead men tell no tales and so therefore we will never know the 100% truth as to what happened on that dreadful day.

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