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In the wake of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012 that left 20 young school kids and 6 adults dead, gun control advocates nationwide scrambled to create more gun-free zones. Many school districts and retail stores were designated as gun-free zones, believing that it would make it safer for school kids, teachers and shoppers.

At the same time, gun-rights advocates began a different campaign to allow conceal carry firearms in more public areas in order to keep kids and shoppers safer. They rightly argued that most mass shootings occur in known gun-free zones where the shooters know they’ll meet little to no armed resistance.

Some state legislatures passed legislation to allow teachers and faculty members to undergo extensive training, licensing and permitting in order to allow them to conceal carry weapons on campus grounds.

Ohio was one of the states that passed legislation to allow properly trained faculty and staff to conceal carry on school campuses. Opponents hoped the response from school teachers and faculty would be small, but the opposite was true. One of the organizations allowed to conduct the firearm training in Ohio was the Tactical Defense Institute, run by John Benner. Their training and licensing courses were immediately filled up and they had a waiting list of hundreds more wanting to be trained and licensed to conceal carry on school property.

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