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What happens when you continue to stir a vat filled with nitro glycerin? Eventually, the nitro explodes, damaging anything around it.

That’s kind of how I view the March For Our Lives protests that took place this past weekend. It’s a bunch of people acting out of ignorance and emotion, stirring a pig vat of nitro for gun control. The more they stir, the more likely something is bound to happen and when it does, it’s not going to be pretty, which is why I try not to pay them much attention.

Ohio State Rep. Candice Keller is also not listening to their kids, who sees as nothing more than Doritos eating video game players. Keller she was born with the right to carry a gun, before these kids ever came on the scene and she intends to fight to keep that right.

( – An Ohio lawmaker accused outspoken victims of the Parkland school shooting of being misinformed teens who would rather be “eating Doritos and playing video games.”

“A month ago, we weren’t really having this conversation, and all of a sudden a 15-year-old on television who would just as soon be eating Doritos and playing video games wants to tell me that my constitution needs to be changed. Really?” Butler County Rep. Candice Keller said at a pro-gun rally in Columbus earlier this month.

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Keller, a proud Second Amendment advocate and proponent of Ohio’s “stand your ground” proposal, told those assembled at the Ohio Statehouse that she would not listen to the teenagers. “I was born with the right to carry.” …

During her speech at the rally in Columbus, Keller told the audience that carrying a firearm makes her feel safe, especially when her husband is not with her. Then she told the crowd that there is not a war on women in America today, but a war against men. Keller understands that the best form of defense is having a strong offense and that happens to be a gun, but it’s doubtful her message made much of an impact on the anti-gun liberals.




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