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There have been two totally different reactions to school shootings like the one that happened at Sandy Hook Elementary school.

Anti-gun fanatics use this and other shootings to push their agenda for more control which they hope will eventually lead to disarming the American people. They expect the gullible public to buy into their socialist ideology to disarm and then enslave them.

Then there is the more intelligent reaction that realizes the only way to truly protect YOUR kids at school is properly train and arm school staff members. Most mass shootings take place in gun free zones for a reason – no immediate armed resistance.

Ohio was one state that passed a law allowing school districts to put their teachers and faculty members through training and then allow them to obtain concealed carry permits and carry their concealed weapons at school during school hours.

Among the many school districts to do this is Mad River Schools in Ohio. Not only are they training and arming staff to shoot intruders, but they are posting warning signs to that affect.

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Intruders beware: Thirty-two teachers and staff in Mad River Local Schools are now armed and ready to kill.

When school gets back in session Monday, each building will have a number of the trained staff members who are able to access hidden gun safes, the combinations of which are known exclusively to the individual staff member and the superintendent.

The district, which serves Riverside, is the first in Montgomery County to assemble an “armed and trained response team,” said Superintendent Chad Wyen…

Chances are, no one will target any of the Mad River schools, or many other schools in Ohio. Over 1,000 teachers and faculty members throughout the state have gone through the training and have received their concealed carry permit and are armed while at school with your kids. Ohio leaders realize that your kids are valuable and deserve to be protected just as much as Obama’s kids deserved to be protected.





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