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Well this isn’t something we see everyday.

Nurkan Chirkeeva’s 20-year-old son suddenly disappeared on the night of April 3rd.

Aziz Chirkeev left his job at Mizrahi Orthodontics in Brooklyn that night and that’s the last time he was seen. His mother, via a translator, said, “”No problems, no problems,” which means that her son was never troublesome.

Now, a mysterious and ominous message was updated to his status on his WhatsApp profile. It was three simple words that continue to haunt his mother.

In english, the message said, “The person dead.” This is extra weird because Aziz always updated his statuses in Russian.

AOL reports:

He’d only been working in the lab at the dental office for two weeks. He called his mother and told her he was going to McDonald’s on Avenue U.

Then, according to his mom, Aziz called another time and said he wanted to take the train into Manhattan and see Central Park.

He never made it back to the family’s small apartment in Brighton Beach.

“No drinking alcohol, no smoking the cigarette,” said apartment super, Alex Mabtov, who translated for the missing youth’s mother.

Employees at the dental office told us they thought Aziz Chirkeev was a nice kid, but “extremely quiet.”

Detectives have been investigating the disappearance but there have not been any breakthroughs. They are hoping that scanning the surveillance from the night he went missing will allow them to track his movements.


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