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One of the problems with many people these days is that they no longer have any tolerance for others. This has been seen by the number of road rage incidents over the past decade.

In one of the latest incidents of road rage in Glendale, Arizona, a woman went into a rage after being cut off in traffic. She followed the car and eventually physically attacked the passenger. The driver warned her that she was armed, but the angry woman went around and began physically attacking and kitting the driver, who repeatedly warned her she was armed.

Finally, the driver believed she had no other recourse and she pulled out her gun and shot the angry attacker in the gut. The attacker is expected to survive.

Police in Glendale, Arizona, say an armed woman stopped a road rage attacker with one shot on Wednesday.

The armed motorist repeatedly said she was armed but the attacker ignored her warnings.

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According to 3 TV/CBS 5, Glendale Police Sgt. Scott Waite said a driver that was cut off by another vehicle at 67th and Olive Avenues, and then followed the vehicle “to 59th Avenue and Bell Road where a physical altercation took place.” …

I understand how the woman felt and her need to use her gun. Years ago, I was harassed for over 20 miles on the highway by a car with four illegal aliens. No matter what I did, speed up, slow down, change lanes, etc., they continued to harass me and then tried to force my car off the side of the road and over a cliff. That’s when I brandished my Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 Mag and pointed it at them. That ended the harassment. I found a highway patrolman and reported what happened. About 20 minutes late, I saw the officer with the car of illegals pulled over, so I stopped. That’s how I know they were illegals.




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