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Democrats constantly try to convince the American people that gun control will help save the American people. It will keep the people safer. It will keep kids safer in the public schools. It will keep people safer at clubs and concerts. Yep, keep guns out of the hands of the people and you’ll have a much safer nation, or so the mantra goes.

However, criminals have a habit of not paying attention to the rules and laws, which what makes them criminals. They are the ones that get their guns by illegal means. They are the ones that break into cars and homes and assault people on the streets.

(The Advocate) – Mark Foster states that there are five items gun control advocates are asking for, not confiscation.  Apparently, he hasn’t seen or read H.R. 5087, which states that after 2018, any semi-automatic pistol, shotgun or rifle will be banned if passed. The next step after banning is confiscation.

If anyone thinks that banning or limiting these guns will make us safer, then you need to think about the crimes committed daily by convicted felons with firearms that are illegal for a felon to own. This law will not stop anyone with evil intent from obtaining a gun, bomb, knife or other weapon…

Why is it that some of the safest places in America to live or do business are those that have an armed citizenry? Why do the vast majority of mass shooting take place in gun free zones? If diplomats and celebrities send their kids to schools that have armed guards, then why shouldn’t the rest of America have the same right to have their kids protected by armed staff?

The bottom-line is that law abiding citizens will only be placed in harm’s way with the passage of more gun control while criminals are the only one who will benefit from gun control.



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