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There is no question that both Christians and Jews are being openly persecuted in America these days. Christians are mostly being persecuted by the liberal left, but Jews are persecuted by the alt-right as well as many from the liberal left.

So, should Jews in America take up arms to defend themselves?

That’s an issue that 27-year-old Jonathan Burstyn of Chicago is trying to answer and he says yes. During the week, Burstyn works at a nursing home. On Saturdays, the holy day for Jews, he guards the synagogue where he worships and on Sundays, he teaches firearms to Jews. He believes that in the current climate of America and worldwide attacks on Jews by the growing Islamic terrorists that every Jew should be armed and ready to defend themselves.

Three days after a gunman killed 58 people in Las Vegas, a post in a Facebook group for Chicago Jews displayed a blurry photo of survivors fleeing the bullets. Next to it was a flier advertising ChiDefense Firearm Training with a Hebrew phrase underneath denoting that the company is closed for Shabbat.

The post got a few “likes” — and plenty of hate. One commenter called it “vile and distasteful.” Another wrote sarcastically that it displayed “impeccable logic.” Another called for it to be taken down. It appears to have since been deleted.

But on the day the post appeared, the man behind the ad stood by it.

Jonathan Burstyn, an Orthodox gun safety instructor, apologized for any offense he caused but said that more than ever, Jews need to get armed.

To be honest, I believe that every conservative and patriotic American should be armed and ready for action. With the rise of an extremist liberal left, many are predicting that America could face another civil war – the liberals versus the conservatives. Many gun owners are conservatives and patriotic, but not all conservatives and patriots are gun owners. Therefore, they need to realize that if they to preserve the America they love, they may need to take up arms and defend it.



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