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When I was younger, churches were still considered to be sacred places however, that has all ended as liberalism and socialism has spread across America like a deadly cancer. Thieves regularly target churches, stealing item inside and even stealing the copper in their plumbing and air conditioning units.

Churches have also become a target for some whackos and crazies who want to kill a bunch of innocent people. Most people believe that churches are gun free zones but that’s not always the case.

Pastors in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania are taking a defensive position as a number of them are signing up for a firearms training class to help them learn how to defend their parishioners.

(Trib Live) – Local church leaders concerned about shootings at their places of worship soon will have a chance to get actual firearms training, including range time.

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Rodney Smith, a Westmoreland County native and certified firearms instructor, plans to return to the area June 22-23 to offer a 16-hour advanced security course to interested churches.

Smith, 59, of Flowery Branch, Ga., taught free, three-hour courses in Bolivar, New Florence and Fairfield Township last year and at a Hempfield church in February. Nearly 100 people attended the first round of training sessions for the general public.

The upcoming course is for pastors and lay leaders who have a state firearms permit and who can bring their own handgun and ammunition…

Like it or not, churches owe it to their people to provide them with a safe place to worship and pray and in today’s society, that means being armed not only with the Word but with a lethal weapon. Some churches now have security details who patrol inside and outside during times of worship and I know one church where the pastor’s wife and oldest daughter are both concealed carry permit holders.




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