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For years, Pennsylvania and Virginia have equally recognized each other’s concealed carry permits and residents of both states were free to carry their concealed weapons across state lines, but that is all changing.

Josh Shapiro, Pennsylvania Attorney General just announced that his state will no longer accept or recognize Virginia concealed carry permits effective in 30 days. Virginia residents traveling to the Keystone State will have to leave their concealed carry weapons at home before crossing the state line, however, Virginia will continue to recognize concealed carry permits and weapons from Pennsylvania residents.

The move is due to Virginia not having as strict of a background check system as Pennsylvania.

(The Morning Call) – Virginia may be for lovers, but Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro has little affection for that state’s gun laws.

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So the southern state’s residents soon will no longer be able to tote concealed carry weapons into Pennsylvania, Shapiro announced Monday. The change comes after his office determined Virginia’s background check system falls short of the mental health, juvenile criminal record and other screenings performed in Pennsylvania.

The change for Virginia residents takes effect in 30 days. Pennsylvanians still will be able to take their state-licensed concealed carry weapons into Virginia.

Shapiro’s announcements came after his office conducted an annual review of reciprocity agreements states use to determine whether their residents can carry concealed firearms in other jurisdictions…

It should be noted that this decision seems to have been made by Shapiro who is a liberal anti-gun Democrat who appears to be using his position to enforce his personal anti-gun agenda. Pennsylvania’s background check system is far stricter than the national background check system, so Shapiro has taken it upon himself to deny the constitutional rights of people from Virginia because of the differences in background check systems and because Shapiro wants to enact dictatorial gun control in his state.




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