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Whenever there is a mass shooting in the United States, neo-com Democrats do their best to convince the American people that the problem is guns and that the only way to stop more mass shootings is to pass stricter gun laws and ban private ownership of as many types of guns as possible.

Yet, many Americans don’t see the solution as being the same as what the neo-com Democrats claim. Even in states that already have strict gun control laws, more people not only want to have a gun and be able to carry it for self-protection, but firearm training centers see an increase in business. It seems that more people want to know how to defend themselves instead of giving up their guns.

Massachusetts has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation but that does not mean everyone in the state is against guns.

At the Boston Firearm Training Center, another mass shooting means more business.

“Another one again, so I’m going to get busy again because when people get scared, they want to be able to protect themselves,” explained owner Tom Cheffro.

He said what happened the mass shooting in a South Texas church is tragic but from years of experience teaching people how to use firearms safely and responsibly,…

Not all of the American people are as stupid as the vocal neo-com Democrats. If Democrats had their way, we would all be without a gun and unable to defend ourselves or anyone else around us. It’s already proven that criminals will find a way to get their guns regardless of gun control laws and they know that people in a given area are less likely to be armed and therefore are easier victims. The only way to stop these criminals is with several ounces of lead at a high velocity.



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