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A white couple from Georgia, Jose Torres and Kayla Norton, acted in a childish and rude manor when they drove by a black child’s birthday party and yelled extremely racist slurs.

Absolutely disgusting.

The couple received the maximum sentences possible, with 20 years for Torres and 15 for Norton.

Now a petition has been started to overturn their sentences or reducing them drastically.

Here is the petition’s description:

This egregious mishandling of justice which led to maximum convictions of 20 years for Jose Torres and 15 years for Kayla Norton must be overturned or at least reduced dramatically. Video submitted as “evidence” doesn’t show the supposed weapon Mr. Torres brandished in a threatening manner. Also, there was ZERO physical contact by either Ms. Norton or Mr. Torres against any plaintiff’s! Only WORDS! The testimony alone, extremely bias and one-sided is what led to their convictions to the maximum extent of Georgia law and even further, with Judge William McClain adding an additional year. Help bring true justice to this couple and their 3 children who miss their parents tremendously.

As of now, the petition, started by Patrick Rogers, has 1,482 signatures. Which is only 18 signatures away from their goal of 1,500.

It will be delivered to Nathan Deal, President Donald Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Georgia State House, and Georgia State Senate.

The definitely deserve to pay for their actions. They acted like racist idiots. However, is their punishment too harsh? Should they have lesser sentences, or did they get exactly what they deserve?

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