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A new, yet controversial, bill is battling its way through the Oklahoma statehouse. Senate Bill 40, otherwise known as ‘Point, don’t shoot’ bill, will allow someone to legally draw their gun in a situation where they feel as if their life is in danger, or to stop a forcible felony.

Eric Fuson, 2A Shooting Center manager stated, “This does not give you the ability to draw a gun because you suspect foul play and point a gun at somebody. This still falls under the category of you must be in fear of your life and safety to draw that firearm.”

That is where the controversy come in. Critics of the bill believe that this would prompt people to pull their weapon willy-nilly, and without warrant. Like if two people were arguing, then one could pull their gun and then plead that they were simply following the “Point, don’t shoot” law.

Officer Walter Evans added, “If people would understand what happens at the business end of a firearm. Then they’ll start to grasp the concept of ‘don’t point it unless you are absolutely certain you have a threat.”

The decision is up to the Senate vote now, as it was already passed by the Oklahoma House with an 82-8 vote. If the Senate passes, it will land on Governor Fallin’s desk.

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What do you think? Is this a good idea or is it just asking for trouble?


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