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The number of vehicle burglaries in the Lubbock Texas area have drastically risen. Many gun owners store a gun in their vehicle for safety and protection, but with the increase in vehicular burglaries, more and more guns are also being stolen. The Lubbock police are urging gun owners to be more responsible and take measures to protect their gun from being stolen.

Officials with the Lubbock Police Department are asking residents to protect their firearms due to a sharp increase in the number of guns have been stolen out of vehicles.

Officials want to remind gun owners that owning a firearm is a great responsibility that includes securing the weapon at all times. Leaving it in a vehicle, especially if it is unlocked, is not a safe or secure place.

If the gun is left in the vehicle for some reason, a few safety tips include locking the gun in the trunk or securing the gun in a gun safe installed in the vehicle. However, a vehicle is never 100% secure. While a gun owner may never intend to use their firearm to harm another person when these weapons are stolen by criminals they can be used to commit other crimes or even be used against our officers who come in contact with criminals on a daily basis. In fact, during last month’s officer-involved shooting, the suspect was armed with a stolen handgun. That gun had been reported stolen out of an unlocked pickup truck back in September.

In 2015, there were 3,228 vehicle burglaries. Of those, 187 vehicles had guns inside the vehicles. Out of those 187, 217 guns were stolen.

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