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Years ago, my older brother accidentally dropped a .22 caliber handgun still in its holster. The gun fell and landed on the hammer, causing the revolver to fire, hitting my brother in the leg. That type of handgun required the hammer to be partially cocked in order to be on safety and he had failed to do that.

Since that time, many handgun manufacturers do a drop test to see just how well their safety measures will work. In recent drop tests, the Sig Sauer P320, a popular handgun used by many police departments, failed.

One police officer has filed a lawsuit against Sig Sauer after his P320, still in its holster, was dropped by accident. The gun discharged, striking the officer.

Last Friday we ran a post, “SIG SAUER: P320 Striker-Fired Pistols Are Drop Safe.” The post contained a SIG press release issued after the Dallas Police Department temporarily withdrew their approval for officers to carry the P320 on duty. The DPD had heard rumors that the gun wasn’t drop safe. SIG determined that those rumors of “safety issues” were greatly exaggerated, noting that the DPD had not experienced any unintentional discharges.

SIG told TTAG that the P320 has been extensively drop-tested, both in-house and by literally dozens of state, military, and other government entities, in multiple countries. No issues were found. With hundreds of thousands of guns sold commercially, they’d received zero reports of a gun firing when dropped…

The drop test is done by dropping the handgun from a height of 4 feet, allowing the gun to land on the back of the slide. In the case of the P320, the gun discharged on more than one drop. The problem with the Sig Sauer failing the drop test is serious enough to cause at least one gun store in Omaha to stop selling the popular handgun.




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