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According to United States Customs and Border Protection officials, a possible tunnel used to smuggle people and drugs across the US border from Mexico was found near the border line in Naco, Arizona.

An employee from the construction team that was used to clear the old border fencing is the one who reported the tunnel. The investigative agents who came to check it out found that the tunnel was roughly 15 feet deep, without ventilation or lighting, and it believed to be incomplete. According to the report, the tunnel “extended into the U.S. about four feet from the border fence.”


Officials said that they turned will be filled with concrete as the construction workers continue their work.

The illegal immigration and smuggling is not something that only really happens in movies. It is a serious epidemic that needs to be addressed!

Perhaps the wall that Donald Trump plans to build should also extend into the ground for a couple of feet?

Here is his address to the Pennsylvania rally on Saturday, concerning the border wall:


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