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Our children are exposed to the progressive liberal agenda, whether we like it or not. However, that does not mean that we should condone it. Children should be allowed to be children without the adults getting involved. It is not my job to judge, nor to tell you how to live your life. However, there needs to be boundaries. For example, cartoons and kid’s shows should be off limits, if you ask me.

My Little Pony is a rainbow filled cartoon about ponies and their friends. For some odd reason though, the show has weirdly large fanbase. Now they are considering the push for characters in the cartoon to be “actual lesbians.”

And at least one pony-addled site, Equestrian Daily, says it may be time for a same-sex pony pair. According to ED, which does detailed scene-by-scene rundowns of every episode of the cartoon, the most recent My Little Pony had a “unique” line that they believe hints at a relationship between two main character ponies, Starlight and Trixie.

The suggestion sparked debate across the pony-verse, with questions about whether a lesbian—or for that matter, potentially bisexual—relationship among the ponies was good or bad for an audience that should consist of mostly children. Many cartoon companies, ED notes, have moved in a more “progressive” direction.

And here is an opportunity for Hasbro, which owns the My Little Pony franchise, to make big waves across the nation by helping kids understand that love is love. Or something.

It’s unlikely, of course, that Hasbro would touch such a hot-button issue, but thanks to Equestrian Daily, we do have some fan fiction in case you’re curious about how Hasbro could play out a gay pony relationship.

Hasbro hasn’t bowed to fan pressure before, even where social justice issues are concerned. Back in 2012, fans caused a similar stir after My Little Pony refused to make a particularly “derpy” character officially mentally disabled as a way of reaching out to the ponies’ special-needs fans.

NO! Let the kids be kids. Do not shove these ideas down their throats. They will have plenty of time to make their own decisions in the future. However, for now, let it be.


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