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One would question what in the world firearm companies are doing by donating thousands of dollars to the political campaigns of anti-gun politicians? Are they trying to make it harder for themselves to operate in a state that already has strict gun control laws or do the businesses just a death wish? At first they denied the charges, but proof is being made public of their donations to the campaigns of their ideological enemies.

The gun community continues to react to news of a deal made by Springfield Armory and Rock River Arms to carve out an exemption from a state licensing scheme (SB-1657). Both Springfield and Rock River Arms have issued statements denying any knowledge of the deal negotiated on their behalf by the lobbyist for the Illinois Firearms Manufacturing Association (IFMA). An organization funded by Springfield Armory and Rock River Arms.

We can now reveal that Springfield and Rock River have, through IFMA, donated tens of thousands of dollars to Illinois anti-gun politicians over the last several years.


In 2012, IFMA wrote a check for $10,000 to Illinois Senate President John Cullerton‘s campaign fund. The NRA-PVF F-rated Cullerton has stood in the way of pro-gun rights legislation in Illinois for years. He refuses to allow pro-gun rights bills to receive a committee hearing, much less an up-or-down vote on the Senate floor…

If I were a gun owner that had done any business with or purchased anything from these companies, it would definitely be the last time I did so. Every gun owner should boycott these companies and either force them to change their political campaign giving or shut them down for what they’ve done.



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