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The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, spoke openly Saturday on his opinion of U.S. President Donald Trump. His opinion seemed to be of a positive nature in explaining a defining difference in “Television Trump” compared to the “real” Donald Trump.

Putin stated, “As I see it, Television Trump is very different from the real person. He is absolutely concrete, absolutely adequately perceives the interlocutor, quite quickly analyzes, answers questions or draws from the discussions some new elements.”

He continued, “As regards personal relations, I think they are established.”

The two met in Hamburg, Germany while attending the G-20 Summit this weekend. They came together for a two and a half hour conference which was originally planned to be a half hour meeting.

They came to no resolution on Russia’s meddling in the U.S. presidential election. However, the president did agree on a cease-fire in Syria.

Shortly following their meeting, the foreign minister of Russia admitted that president Trump accepted the Russian President’s denial of any interference in the November election. That claim did receive some push back from the White House.

“There is no basis to believe that Russia interfered in the electoral process of the United States,” Putin stated.

Both administrations showed optimism and cooperation in reference to the relationship between the United States and Russia. Cyberspace security is one of the issues to be tackled by the two administrations in the future, along with a list of other issues that will be discussed.

This relationship is one that should have been made a long time ago. Unfortunately, previous administrations have neglected to make it a priority. Keeping the relationship between the U.S. and Russia healthy could be a vital ingredient in strengthening both country’s economic and diplomatic status.



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