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A few of you may know of or at least heard of a song called “F*** THE POLICE” by a group called NWA. Ice Cube was a member of that group and if memory serves actually wrote the lyrics. It seems he’s trying to get back to his roots with this latest “hit” of his called Good Cop Bad Cop.

F*** THE POLICE was obviously a VERY controversial song at the time of it’s release and still is really. I personally feel like this is Ice Cube’s attempt at trying to become relevant again, in a era where there’s a false narrative painted around our boys in blue, on the whole, instead of dealing with issues case-by-case like they should be.

That is the fundamental mentality and flaw with Liberals. When you paint with broad strokes on so-called “Social Justice” endeavors you’re going to miss the meaning, the details, at it’s core. That’s what this represents to me… it’s another broad stroke Liberal attempt at trying to make something seem relevant when the only relevancy is that our boys in blue are out there, every day, risking their lives for ours.

And the truth is most of them do it without a second thought as to what your race, nationality, or beliefs are.

This is just disrespect, plain and simple.

As Written By Jerome Hudson for Breitbart: 

Police officers in the United States are hell-bent on brutalizing minorities, accuses Ice Cube in the latest single off of his Death Certificate: 25th Anniversary album.

The song “Good Cop Bad Cop” sees the California rapper paint the picture of present-day America as being filled with crooked cops targeting minorities, falsifying police reports, planting evidence, and doing anything they can to “send another young brother” to jail.

“Black Lives Matter, it’s not chit chatter. Cause all they wanna do is scatter brain matter. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. A nine is terrible in your face,” Cube raps.

The political track sees Cube question if a “good cop” is “just a fantasy.”

The song’s hook also presents a racially charged scenario that sees the “black police showin’ out for the white cop” and the “white police showin’ out for the black cop.”


‘F*ck the Police 2017’: Ice Cube Blasts Officers in New Song ‘Good Cop Bad Cop’


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