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The attacks of September 11, 2001 changed our nation and our world forever.

It was a cowardly and brutal attack the led to the death of thousands of innocent people and dozens of First Responders who gave their all to save lives and comfort the wounded. It was a day in which the world saw the most heinous of humanity, but we also caught a glimpse of the most noble of our species as well. It was a day in which we learned, firsthand, about the brutality of the Muslim extremists and then we learned that their number was far larger than we had imagined.

16 years later and the fight against Islamic terrorism continues unabated. Our foe has proven more devious, and more dastardly than we ever realized. Defeating the Taliban in Afghanistan, coming close to exterminating Al Qaeda, and even toppling the dictator of Iraq… all of these accomplishments have meant little, because the enemy has simply morphed into something new in a different part of our world. We went from fighting in the mountains of Afghanistan, to the deserts of Iraq. Our enemy has moved from Afghanistan, to Pakistan, to Syria, to Yemen, to Libya, Egypt, Indonesia, Thailand, and Europe.

Since the 9/11 attack we’ve seen a bombing in Boston, shootings in Chattanooga, Fort Hood, Orlando, San Bernardino and we’ve prevented numerous attacks in various other places. The battle continues. The fight is existential and our enemy is as serious as ever to deliver a crippling blow.

But when we grow weary, we must simply remember that they brought this fight to us.

We will always remember the coworkers, friends, family, loved ones, and heroes we lost on 9/11/2001.

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