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Not everyone shoots a gun the same way and not everyone’s vision is the same. not every type of handgun shoots the same. Not all sights are the same and having the wrong sight on your concealed carry handgun can make the difference between self-defense and death. If you are planning on buying a handgun for your concealed carry permit, take time to do some research to find out which sight works best with the gun of your choice and works best for you and your style of shooting.

Nothing goes further to ensure you hit center mass than the right sights on your concealed carry handgun. But of all the options, which is the best?

I was in a local gun shop recently when the discussion turned to the viability of lasers for concealed carry guns. One proponent of the laser explained they were the greatest things since sliced bread, something that could allow any novice to shoot like a professional.

The other saw them as the work of the devil, a high-tech contraption that would likely fail at the moment the owner needed it most, leaving the victim standing and staring at a gun that was useless without a laser because it was the only way he could hit a target.

Both opinions are wrong…

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Most people are not instinct shooters and need the right sights on their gun to be accurate in their shooting. You need to speak to knowledge gun dealers and/or shooting instructors to learn what they recommend as the best sights for you and your gun. Once you purchase your gun, spend enough time at the range to get used to shooting and using the sights. The more you practice, the easier it will be to use your gun for self-defense.




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