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There is something to be said about a mother and her children. You do not mess with babies unless you want a full blown mama bear, right? What you don’t usually hear about is papa bear!

One father took matters into his own when his children were placed into immediate danger at a Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen in San Antonio, Texas.

A robber pointed his gun at the children and demanded property be handed over. That’s when the father presented his own firearm and shot the thug dead.

Time reports: 

Officers told Fox San Antonio that 19-year-old Andrews Herrera was killed after he approached Carlos Molina, 32, just before 9 p.m. Wednesday. Molina was eating at the fried chicken chain with his family when Herrera demanded that he hand over his property and threatened his children with a gun, police say.

According to the news site, Molina told Herrera that he had no money and asked whether his family could leave. Most of the family left the restaurant, but Herrera then pointed the gun at two of Molina’s children as they walked out of a restroom. In response, Molina drew his licensed handgun and shot Herrera several times, fatally wounding him, police said.

According to officers, they believe Herrera was shot by Molina “in defense of a third person,” which would be the children.

Reasons like this are exactly why I never leave home without my EDC (every day carry) and I am always cautious of my surroundings. Criminals are growing more bold and we must be able to protect our own lives as well as those around us.

Guns save lives.

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