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Chicago has strict gun control and is being plagued by numerous shootings. Baltimore has strict gun control and is being plagued by numerous shootings. San Francisco has strict gun control and is reporting the most shootings in the past 6 years. What this tells us is that gun control does NOT curb gun violence. Gun control only makes victims more vulnerable to attacks since criminals know that most will not be armed.

San Francisco has gun storage laws, a hollow point ammunition ban, a “high capacity” magazine ban, and a surge in shooting victims that has now hit a six-year high.

In fact, while many types of crime have fallen in San Francisco, gun crimes have have surged.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “Property crimes fell 11 percent in San Francisco, from 53,291 reported cases in 2015 to 47,658 in 2016.”  Reported thefts, burglaries, arson, and stolen vehicles also decreased. But firearm-related murders for 2016 surged 15 percent over 2015 figures and the number of shooting victims in 2016 increased 27 percent over 2015.

I often wonder if any of the politicians who pass strict gun control laws ever become victims of a crime that could have been prevented had they been armed? There are many reported cases of armed citizens successfully using their legal guns to defend themselves, their homes and others. It’s also been reported that some legally armed citizens have stopped ‘active shooters’ and saved lives. Something the far left doesn’t want you to know.



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