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What would happen if someone suddenly broke into your home while you or other members of your family home? Would you or your family members have any means of protection against the intruders?

If that happened at my house, there is a very good chance that the intruder would be carried out in a body bag and that’s because I’m armed and ready to protect my wife, myself and my home.

However, San Jose Democrats are considering taking that means of self and family defense away from their residents. In response to the mass shooting in Las Vegas, some of San Jose’s leaders are wanting to pass an ordinance that would require all gun owners to keep their guns at home locked up.

Two weeks after a man gunned down 58 people at an outdoor Las Vegas concert, the Bay Area’s largest city could pass a law requiring gun owners to lock up their firearms when they leave the house — a new gun control measure far stricter than state legislation.

The idea, under consideration Tuesday, stems from sweeping measures proposed last year by San Jose city councilmen Ash Kalra — now a state assemblyman — and Raul Peralez. In addition to requiring gun owners to lock up their weapons when they’re not home, they’d need to place them in a lock box in unattended cars, report theft within 48 hours and ammunition vendors would need to keep records of sales.

But new state legislation last year covered many of those gun control policies, except locking up firearms when an owner isn’t home. The San Jose City Council on Tuesday will debate that policy, which some experts say could be difficult to enforce. And now Peralez — joined by Councilman Chappie Jones — wants to go further. They want gun owners to secure firearms inside the house even when they’re home…

I’ve often challenged the logic of such an ordinance by asking its supporters what you are supposed to do in the case of a home intruder. One lady told me to just let them have what they wanted and I asked what if they wanted to rape my wife, then what and all she could do is shrug her shoulders. People need to realize that this kind of gun control leaves law-abiding homeowners completely defenseless and criminals KNOW IT and will take advantage of it.



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