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Aren’t educators supposed to be educated and therefore have some intelligence and the ability to think and reason? One would think so but over the past decade, it seems that this describes fewer and fewer educators. One teacher told me a few years ago that many of them are nothing more than trained brainwashing specialists for the far-left Democrats and that they don’t teach the basics anymore.

Such is the case of a school district superintendent in Pennsylvania who recently handed out small 16-inch wooden bats to all 500 teachers as part of their training on what to do in the event of an active shooter.

(Great American Politics) – Regardless of how old you are, you have probably seen a cartoon or slapstick comedy of someone trying to fight a forest fire with only a small bucket or a squirt gun. The gesture may be good but the results are not. What comes across as comedy is actually a tragedy and that’s what one Pennsylvania school district is setting themselves up for.

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A month ago, we heard about the Blue Mountain School District in Pennsylvania who was placing a bucket of river rocks in every classroom as a defensive measure in the event of an active shooter. Somehow, the superintendent expects teachers and students to stand there and throw stones at an active shooter while the shooter is shooting at them. Sorry folks, but when it comes to bullets versus stones, there can only be one winner. Think about it. If someone was shooting at you, would you stand there and throw rocks or would you be trying to duck down and hide behind something?

If you think this scenario is absurd, then consider what Millcreek School District Superintendent William Hall just did to protect his district’s students from any possible active shooter.

The district held a training session for all 500 teachers on what to do in the event of an active shooter. At the training session, every teacher was given a 16 inch-long wooden bat and then taught how to use it…

Giving teachers tiny wood bats to stop an active shooter is like sending a soldier into battle with a cap gun. The end result for both would probably be the same – death to the teacher and death to the soldier with a cap gun. When sending a soldier into battle, you arm them with firearms. When you send police out on the streets, you arm them with firearms. When you protect politicians and dignitaries, you do so with firearms, not a small wooden bat.




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