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A 26-year-old Tennessee man is in jail after he attempted to enter a 13-year-old girl’s room and instead found an armed father.

Justin Phelps played his cards by talking to the girl online while he pretended to be a teen girl, and then created a second Facebook profile pretending to be a teenage boy in order to ask for sexual acts.

The report says that Phelps came to the young girl’s home after some time, opening the girl’s window. However, her mother came into the room when she heard the dog bark and Phelps ran away.

After that happened, the teen’s parents decided to pretend to be their daughter and talk to Phelps online, as she had been. They then arranged for him to come back, and he agreed, thinking it was the girl.

So Phelps arrived, only this time it was an armed father waiting for him. I bet the look on his face was priceless as he realized that the hunter became the hunted.

After his arrival, the parents called 911, and Phelps was rightly arrested. As a repeat sex offender, Phelps had a $25,000 bond, which he posted. However, he was arrested again just days later on a different charge.

Some people never learn and, like Phelps, are usually the ones who spend their time in jail or running from the authorities.

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