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A police officer in St. Louis is happy to be alive after finding himself in a fight to survive during an altercation with a criminal on a quiet street.

The officer pulled a car over after noticing it speeding at more than 70 miles per hour.

“I thought it was a misread at first, because I usually don’t get cars that fast,” the officer said. “So I grabbed the handheld radar and I immediately turn my lights on and I spin around and catch up to him.”

The red car in the video, driven by 43-year-old Markarios Kirkwood, pulls over and stops after jumping a curb.

“At that point, I’m thinking DWI,” the officer said. “With the speed he was going and the way he stopped, I was thinking DWI the whole way through.”

The officer approached the car and asked for the driver’s license and insurance. The driver complied with one and began rummaging for the other, meanwhile the officer was still trying to assess the situation. “I’m looking around, still figuring out if he’s drunk or high, so I’m asking him questions,” the officer told a local Fox News affiliate. 

The officer next asked the man to step out of the car for a sobriety test and that’s when the situation became chaotic.

“…I see the pocket knife and I tell him (to) pull his hands up and I see him and right there he went for it again,” he said, looking at the video.

The officer eventually got Kirkwood into a headlock, but it didn’t slow him down.

“Right here is when he reached for my gun,” he said. “I pushed his hand away with my left hand and I got my hand on the gun I the holster and he’s ripping at my hand.”

The officer said he finally put Kirkwood in handcuffs and hit his emergency call for backup.

Thankfully the officer walked away from the scuffle with only a few cuts and bruises but it could have very easily gone far worse.

Watch the shocking video below.

#BrutalAssault What started out as a quiet night turned into a struggle for his life for a Calverton Park police officer. Take a look at the intense video below that you’ll only see on FOX 2.


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