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The world of the mainstream media is crashing down around the liberal darlings over at CNN, and one of their sneakiest tactics may finally be put to bed.

In the age of Trump, there is little doubt left that the liberal side of the American electorate has chosen radicalization over cooperation.  From the overt threats against The Donald, to the celebrity effigies and beheadings, there is an air of pure hatred wafting about American pop culture.

Of course, none of this would be possible without CNN – the network whose “news” is less authentic than Michael Jackson’s nose was.

Michael Jackson

What IS that?!

And while this analogy may be a bit silly, it’s not terribly absurd.  Must we remind you that this is the same network that once employed Kathy Griffin – the self-assessed “D-list” actress who staged a photo-realistic mock beheading of President Trump in order to live our her own caliphate fantasies.

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What you may not know, however, is that the ever-radical CNN happens to have a bit of a monopoly when it comes to airport televisions.

CNN pays airports to leave the network on, and many travel hubs even have agreements in which CNN pays for their TVs and infrastructure,” reports Fox News (the first place cable news outlet that regularly doubles and even triples CNN in viewership).

“CNN Airport covers the costs related to the TVs and related infrastructure, provides programming specifically geared for airports, and pays us for the opportunity to be in our facility,” a representative from Minneapolis-Saint Paul International told Fox News, adding that “CNN is willing to pay the most.”

That’s a fairly slick arrangement, and advertisers are certainly gobbling up airtime on the network hoping for that coveted “airport” marketing demographic.  (Those who can afford air travel can afford other niceties).

But now, as CNN’s polarization continues to plague the nation, the “news” network could be in trouble.

For obvious reasons, CNN is no longer seen by the public as a rather anodyne, left-of-center cable news channel. Under chief Jeff Zucker, CNN has not only become a national joke and unpopular (falling way into last place in the ratings) but a social justice hot house for fake newswild-eyed conspiracy theoriesporn-porn-pornopen calls for violenceon-camera harassment of Trump supporters, and the booing of rape victims.

As a result, decent people are starting to ask if it is responsible to pipe an unhinged propaganda outlet like CNN into the public space, especially one with a captive audience like the airport.

The fact that CNN has to pay airports to play promote their narrative is sad enough, but getting booted from the last place that people want  to be watching television is embarrassing on an entirely different level.


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