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In Michigan, it is legal to openly carry a gun in a police station, and that’s what two men did. They were immediately arrested and charged with a number of crimes, most of which a jury dismissed. However, the prosecutor used the men’s own video to convict them of illegally carrying a concealed weapon, which neither had a permit for.

Two men walked into the Dearborn Police Department on Feb. 5, one of them openly carrying a rifle slung over his shoulder, the other with a video camera and tripod.

Chaos ensued.

Both men, 41-year-old Brandon Vreeland of Jackson and 24-year-old James C. Baker of Leonard, were immediately ordered to the ground, handcuffed and arrested, even though their attorneys say it’s completely legal to open carry firearms in a Michigan police station.

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A jury on Friday, July 7 convicted both men of illegally carrying a concealed weapon, which is punishable by up to five years in prison, but not due to their actions at the police station, said attorney James J. Makowski, who represents Baker…

The two men did everything legal except one small detail which is what got them convicted. When placing the rifle in the trunk of the car before going to the police station, they unloaded and locked it as the law requires. However, they did not put it in a gun case, another requirement of Michigan law when transporting a gun. It was this silly little detail that got them convicted.





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