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Smart guns are so safe that they could leave your loved ones physically and sexually assaulted, beaten, raped or murdered. Why? Because they are designed to be operable only by the owner and no one else, meaning that is someone breaks in to a house while the gun owner is not at home but others in the family are, they will not be able to use the homeowner’s gun for self-defense. Instead, they could be left helpless and at the mercy of whomever violates your home.

If a husband and wife are accosted in public and one pulls a smart gun, but the gun is somehow knocked out of the hand, the spouse won’t be able to use it to save him/her self or their spouse.

In the post referred to below, are a number of examples of how a smart gun would have had harmful and probably deadly consequences for loved ones.

( – Once again, there is talk of pushing smart gun technology to reduce gun violence and accidental shootings. In the summer of 2016, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, a retired police officer, announced a competition for creating safer guns. He believes that smart gun technology could bridge the chasm between gun control and gun rights. Adams stated:

“I think that the problem is that people use [the phrase] ‘gun control,’ but actually, it’s guns out of control. Oftentimes when we think of illegal guns, we think of a person who goes out and commits a crime. But the crime that was committed was using a gun they weren’t authorized to use.”

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“We use smartphones for everything. The only thing we haven’t applied technology to is handguns.”

Most smart gun technology designed so far utilizes a fingerprint reader that is programmed when the gun is purchased. The fingerprint of the owner is programmed into the gun, resulting in the gun not operating for anyone other than for the owner…

If hackers can hack into your mobile phone, computer and other electronic devices, what makes you think that some hacker won’t find a way to hack into the technology used by smart phones and make that available to other criminals for a price. That would allow criminals re-program the smart gun so they can use the gun. If there is a will, criminals will find a way. Smart guns will pose a greater threat to loved ones and therefore are a very bad idea.





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