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Remember when as a kid, you saw someone do something wrong and then blame it on the other person who did nothing wrong? That’s what one socialist group is doing. Even though the man shot Congressman Scalise and several others was a socialist who supported socialist Bernie Sanders, is blaming right-wing conservatives for the violence there and in our nation.

TWO CONTRADICTORY messages emerged following Wednesday’s mass shooting in Alexandria, Virginia: One, the left and right need to come together in the spirit of bipartisanship. And two, this is all the left’s fault.

James Hodgkinson’s rampage against Republican members of Congress and staffers practicing for an annual Congressional baseball game left four of the victims wounded, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise. There could have easily been many more dead beyond Hodgkinson himself.

The mass shooting was shocking enough on its own, but it quickly and predictably became politicized–not only because Hodgkinson appears to have specifically targeted Republicans, but also because he was a Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer with a long history of passionate and sometimes angry political posts on social media…

Socialism has a long history of violence and suppression whereas conservativism has a long history of peace and freedom. If you look at most of the violence taking place in America, it’s being carried out by left-wing liberals, not right-wind conservatives, but the left-wing liberals will continue to blame right-wing conservatives for all of their violent actions because in their minds, they can do no wrong.



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