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For ages, we have enjoyed the movie exploits of super spies such as James Bond and, given the franchise’s longevity, wondered when exactly we would be treated to some of his more outlandish gadgets becoming a reality.

As we watch the technology of the future very literally wind up in our pockets on a near-daily basis, there has been a pervasive theory that the military leaders of the world have been working on devices and materials far beyond the scope of anything that everyday citizens would have imagined.  Some say that the clandestine technologies of the American military are 5 decades ahead of civilian options, for example.  By nature, however, we have no way of truly knowing.

Now, at least one piece of spy-wear from the big screen is headed to Main Street thanks to internet crowdfunding.

“A company on IndieGoGo, called simply Bulletproof Jackets, has raised more than $42,000, 70 percent more than they need to get started, for a ‘lightweight, comfortable, and fashionable’ line of winter coats incorporating ‘the latest in ballistic fiber technology.’

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“According to the crowd-funding site, the products are ‘made from 100% US Kevlar XP’ and are lightweight and flexible with a National Institute of Justice 0101.06 IIIA rating with the ability to stop handgun rounds up to and including a .44 Magnum. If you need proof, check out the video to see on of the Bulletproof Jacket coats in action.

“’These jackets offer the same protection found in soft body armor used by nearly all Law Enforcement Officers and Military Personnel. We want to save lives. You can help us do just that.’

“With the current concerns over self-defense in an active shooter situation, these garments offer a solid degree of protection that’s practical and inconspicuous for every-day wear.”

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The best part is that these garments are completely innocuous in our everyday life, with only the hidden materials and manufacturer’s tag belying their stealthy purpose.

Prices will range from $289 to $379 MSRP, meaning that we should see a little reprieve from that number once these items storm their way into the market.

Of course, this has us wondering whether or not the U.S. Presidents and Secret Service haven’t already been wearing something similar for the past few decades.


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