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I’ve spoken with a fair number of anti-gun people and many of them are also against all hunting and fishing as they think it’s cruel. Several have told me that is America banned guns, it would drastically improve conservation of wildlife especially and I quickly tell them how wrong they are.

What many do-gooders fail to understand is that years ago, federal laws were passed that charge a small tax on every firearm, piece of ammunition, and other hunting and fishing gear. This money is then distributed to the US Fish and Wildlife Service and to the state game and fish departments throughout the country. You go into a store and buy a $1 package of fish hooks a box of .22 caliber shells to target shoot with, and you are helping to fund conservation efforts to preserve the wildlife and the land. Take away the purchases of guns and ammunition and it will drastically hurt such conservation efforts.

(The Hill) – In wake of the tragic Parkland and Santa Fe shootings, renewed calls for gun control have been louder than ever. It is clear no one wants to see more criminal gun behavior, but certain proposed solutions won’t prevent future crimes. Despite a unified effort by celebrities and politicians to usher in gun control legislation, the American public has responded by joining or donating to gun rights organizations in large numbers. Sportsmen comprising firearms enthusiasts and hunters believe a concerted attack on firearms is a concerted attack on their sporting lifestyle.

Gun control has proven ramifications — both philosophically and practically. It doesn’t deter criminal behavior; instead, it punishes law-abiding gun owners for the horrible actions of criminals. If gun control policies were enacted, perhaps the biggest loser would be conservation efforts related to wildlife and habitat restoration efforts in the United States.

The notion that firearms sales benefit conservation efforts seems far-fetched to most Americans. How can purchasing firearms and hunting licenses benefit conservation efforts? How can harvesting wildlife in a controlled fashion lead to regeneration of certain species? It seems like a ridiculous notion to most people, given misconceptions about shooting sports and hunting found in society today…

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The same principle applies to banning hunting of many types of animals. Many want all deer hunting to stop. They say it’s cruel to shoot a defenseless animal. I ask them which they would rather die from, disease, starvation or a bullet? Two are slow and painful with lots of suffering and one is quick. If hunting was stopped, tens of thousands of deer would die of either starvation and/or disease within two years, because the land just can’t support that many animals. People fail to understand that properly managed hunting actually helps keep the number where they should be and helps to keep them healthier.




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